Have you ever wondered how coal was formed?  How it was mined? What the early miners were like?  How they lived, worked and played?  How coal mining has influenced our great nation?

From the author of the critically acclaimed book, Appalachian Legacy & The Quest, comes a new DVD showcasing the history of Coal Mining.  Produced by Ellery Cadiz and Enoch Hicks, this tribute to coal miners and their families captures the sacrifices these men and women made to provide the coal needed to fuel the rapid industrialization of our great nation.

You will learn the origin of coal and how it was mined in the early years.  Peer deep into dark mines that are many miles in length. See firsthand the skill required to extract coal out of a mine with simple pick axes, hand shovels, drills and dynamite.  Toil with these hard working miners as they load their donkey-drawn carts by hand.

Follow this rich history through the introduction of power tools and the gradual mechanization of the whole coal mining process. See how the railroads were the keystone to the success of coal mining operations.

Learn not only how the miners performed their complex jobs, but how they lived.  Imagine living in one of the many coal camp towns.  What were the living conditions?  Where did you shop? What was life really like in these remote areas?

Satisfy your curiosity of coal history with this new two hour DVD, A Flaming Rock!, produced by Ellery Cadiz and Enoch Hicks.


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