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Written by Enoch E. Hicks as a tribute to past, present and future coalminers and their families, this book served as an inspiration for the new coal history documentary DVD, "A Flaming Rock!" which was recently released.  As an added feature, this book comes autographed by the author and includes a FREE one hour bonus DVD entitled "A Coal Trail!

Appalachian Legacy is a window into the past of a family and their struggle to keep body and soul together.  Take a walk in their shoes in the coalfields and the many trials and tribulations of coal-mining folks.  This story is about a lot of hard work and perseverance.  A magical black shiny mineral called coal provided a roof over our heads, food for our table and clothes from our bodies.  There was an abundance of love, caring, sweat, fear, tears, and a number of learning and hair raising experience.

The Quest is a geological history of coal and the old to the new ways of extracting it from beneath the earth.  Coal had a very significant impact on Enoch's family and the nation.  There are very few people living in the world whose lives have not been made better because of the use of it.  Coal created the industrial revolution and brought us electricity, trains, autos, trucks, planes, computers, medicines and many other necessities.  The quest is a lifetime of research, memories and a pictorial history with graphics relating to the advancement of coal-mining.

The FREE one hour bonus DVD, "A Coal Trail" includes:

        Information about the Coal Heritage Trail

        A 30 minute book interview with Enoch Hicks

        Preview of the new coal mining documentary, "A Flaming Rock!"


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